Next {Five Minute Friday}

Next. It's an intriguing little word that sets my mind in the future, but usually a little further in the future. I don't tend to leap to the nexts of my next moment. I tend to want to know more than that. When I was in middle school my calendar was perpetually a mess of … Continue reading Next {Five Minute Friday}

Yummier than Sour Cream

My girls always get up first in the morning. When they start fighting too much to ignore, then I get up. Today I came out of my bedroom and my three year old grins up at me and says, "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" My five year old grinned and said the same. My heart melted a … Continue reading Yummier than Sour Cream

I Miss Your Face {When Siblings Grow Up}

It's siblings day. And I miss my siblings. I see them every once in a while even though we live near enough to most all of them more often than we do. But, life is busy and even though I see them, I feel like we've lost each other along the way. We're in an … Continue reading I Miss Your Face {When Siblings Grow Up}

Where we are supposed to be

One of the things I have to remind myself of sometimes is that we are all right where we are supposed to be. In this house, with these people, this dog, these cats, this job, that car, those shoes, this ridiculous stack of books. Everything is right as it should be. This has been one … Continue reading Where we are supposed to be

Walk Next to Me {Five Minute Friday}

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."Galations 6:9 My mom quotes this verse a lot. Most often she quotes it in the context of raising kids and showing up for that mundane and ridiculously difficult challenge that is trying to teach your … Continue reading Walk Next to Me {Five Minute Friday}

How to be Whole?

Sometimes I get stuck because I feel like I should have it all figured out by now. I shouldn't be struggling to parent, relate well, write, or focus enough to spend my energy on things that matter to me. I think I should know it all by now. It's been a decade, eight years, seven … Continue reading How to be Whole?

Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

1. Library favoritism is perfectly acceptable. The old library is the best library. We've tried two new to us library locations this month and they've been charming for different reasons, but I still have a favorite. The kids may not agree, but I drive the car. 2. Trying to combine habits is hard. At separate … Continue reading Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

Three Things About Your Story {The Kind Side}

Life is full of crazy happenings. Sometimes they redirect and repurpose your life and you can see what's going on, but sometimes you get to sit with the weird and difficult and just wonder about the rest of the plot. The way we see what happens now may not be the way we tell the … Continue reading Three Things About Your Story {The Kind Side}