Small decisions in favor of not fighting {Whole Together Family}

The kids finally started playing nicely after a morning of irreverent shouting at each other, not to mention the last week or so of tired snarling while recovering from our trip. I mean, they are sweethearts, too, as are all kids, but we all have our days. And this last week has been a series … Continue reading Small decisions in favor of not fighting {Whole Together Family}

On not choosing everything

I tend to want to read all the things (with good success), write all the things (with nominal success), and participate in as much as sounds fun (with moderate success). And then rate the success of each endeavor. Apparently.  When the 100 day project came around I said yes. When I heard my friend was … Continue reading On not choosing everything

Life in Practice {Five Minute Friday}

Is there such a thing as practice when you're all grown up or is it just jumping in with four limbs flailing seeing if it works? Because it seems like in these situations where the stakes are higher than soccer practice or piano practice or the practice SAT, we get thrown in with a good … Continue reading Life in Practice {Five Minute Friday}