Entertaining Lately

Because sometimes lighthearted and hilarious is exactly the right remedy and I can take life a little too seriously sometimes. Here's what I've found this week: I've just started following Strange Planet on Instagram (and facebook, because why not), and it is so funny to me. You've probably already seen them around. Or maybe you … Continue reading Entertaining Lately

Lack {Five Minute Friday}

At any point given day I could say there are many things I lack, but at the same time I could say look at all the I have I should just be grateful. But really, maybe my lack is a little deeper than the items in my home or the way my day lines up … Continue reading Lack {Five Minute Friday}

What I’m into this Saturday!

Reading: Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton - I read more non-fiction than fiction the last couple months. So I'm pulling out all the fantasy my sister recommended to me about a year ago. I'm loving all of it. Why'd I wait? Watching: I just noticed a new season of Kim's Convenience made it … Continue reading What I’m into this Saturday!

This Outside Life by Laurie Kehler {Book Review}

Because I only have the pdf, here's a lovely image of the redwoods superimposed with the book cover! This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart Nature by Laurie Kehler This book was full of stories of the author's bucket-list variety outdoor adventures used to introduce reflections on God and faith. This was not quite … Continue reading This Outside Life by Laurie Kehler {Book Review}

Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

1. Library favoritism is perfectly acceptable. The old library is the best library. We've tried two new to us library locations this month and they've been charming for different reasons, but I still have a favorite. The kids may not agree, but I drive the car. 2. Trying to combine habits is hard. At separate … Continue reading Magic, Quarters, and Good Enough {What I’ve learned – Winter 2018}

What I Learned {Fall 2018}

Each season Emily P. Freeman invites people to share in her practice of noting what she's learned. So today, I'm joining in. Some of this is trivial or just fun, some is less so, and some things I've learned aren't really shareable. But for now I'm going to challenge myself a little to pay attention … Continue reading What I Learned {Fall 2018}

A dozen joys {Whole Together Family 24/31}

There are so many things I take for granted or even resent in all my entitled audacity. Every now and then it's nice to stop to notice a few them. Here are a dozen of mine. The freedom to just walk in the hills with my kiddos. I do not notice this enough. I often … Continue reading A dozen joys {Whole Together Family 24/31}

Room to Change Your Mind {Whole Together Family 23/31}

I routinely leave Target empty-handed. I'd really like to enjoy Target, but the overwhelm of too many options just hits way too hard. Maybe one day? I know it's not really a problem. I just have FOMO and a mental image of all the cute things people have told me they found at Target. They elude … Continue reading Room to Change Your Mind {Whole Together Family 23/31}