habits, no auto save feature, and thrifting

The lad is finally asleep. He clucked and squawked and shrieked so much that I gave up for a while and read while he calmed down playing in his crib. It's one of those lessons in baby I wonder if I'll ever figure out. Or he'll ever figure out. Who's responsible for making the baby … Continue reading habits, no auto save feature, and thrifting

31 Days to Focus and Refresh: Season Finale New Habits

A few days ago I mentioned to my husband that in a few days I would be able to get on Facebook again and I was excited. He was less than thrilled. In fact, he was not even pleased. It shows what a horribly irresponsible user of social media I was. *shameface* Really when I … Continue reading 31 Days to Focus and Refresh: Season Finale New Habits

30: Taco Soup and Mending.

As the weather has gotten colder I have been drawn into the habit of making soup. Today I improvised a batch of Taco soup. I was happy with the results so here's my recipe! :) Taco Soup 1/2 pound dry pinto beans 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 onion diced 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1 … Continue reading 30: Taco Soup and Mending.

29: the fluffy softness!

Can you pick out the lovely improvement we just made! I'll give you a hint. Count the machines in this picture. Yes! It's true! Israel got us a dryer! After a year and a half of hanging the clothes in the laundry room to dry and 7 months of cloth baby diapers and clothes the … Continue reading 29: the fluffy softness!

28: family. Bragging rights. Etc.

Today was such a lovely joy. We spent the afternoon and evening at my family's house. We ate good food. Chatted. Took family pictures. Watched the two littlest people play with each other. And all sorts of good family things. I always love the chance to see my family and chat with my mom and … Continue reading 28: family. Bragging rights. Etc.

27: six joys

Candles that smell like holidays.. My gardenia has a flower! I tried something new... Baked Apple Donuts My little helper The remains of Ranger's apple... :) --------- (This is a part of 31 days to Focus and Refresh a blog series my mom, sister and I are hosting as we spend 31 minutes a day … Continue reading 27: six joys

25: The Daily Notes

The Cauliflower Soup had a fantastic reception to the household today. It presented itself by means of a head of cauliflower and sundry other ingredients. The illustrious chef used this recipe from the Pioneer Woman as a guideline. Taking into account the PW's pendant for cream and her own lack of ingredients,she opted to make … Continue reading 25: The Daily Notes

24: Strawberry Refreshments

I loved this illustration from "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning about finding the gift in every moment. I didn't think too much about it as I was reading it today, but it came back to my mind as I was trying to bounce my sleep-resistant baby to sleep this evening. I realized I was … Continue reading 24: Strawberry Refreshments