31: the end.

I'd like to end this series with a bang. But that's not happening tonight. :) Ranger's behavior has gotten better. My habits have gotten minimally better. The big changes have happened in my head and in my heart. And that is good. Being intentional is good, but you also have to give yourself space to … Continue reading 31: the end.

30: be encouraged.

"It occurred to me that so many of the aspects of my life, my writing and my running and my relationships, are all flavored by my love for my children. Where I had diluted areas in the past, I am now full concentration. Motherhood refines us. It forces us to refocus and reprioritize, leaving just … Continue reading 30: be encouraged.

29: you

So I've started and stopped writing this post about four times in the last five minutes. That is a lot of backspacing, people. I'm not letting myself restart again. I have to write it, even if it's hard. Because the truth is I've been struggling with this recently. I've been struggling with me. How to … Continue reading 29: you