Martyrs and Almost Martyrs {31/31 Niches}

I was thinking about trying to tie my series neeatly in a bow and call it done today. But somehow that's not thr point of this series either. We will continue to see new pieces of Christianity and God as long as people live. Such an interesting thing. And I may or may not continue … Continue reading Martyrs and Almost Martyrs {31/31 Niches}

Pope Francis {29/31 Niches}

Pope Francis (Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in 1936, Argentina) "The greatest leaders in God’s tribe have been those men who have left room for doubt." - Pope Francis in Sobre el Cielo y la Tierra, 2010" ----- "I don’t say that [the atheist’s] life is condemned [to Hell], because I am convinced I don’t have … Continue reading Pope Francis {29/31 Niches}

Francesca Battistelli {28/31 Niches}

Somehow Francesca Battistelli has stayed relevant to me since I started college. I guess it's because we're having similar life experiences. So it's fun and relatable to listen to her music. I've loved all her albums. My Paper Heart was probably my theme music (ok, it was) for my first couple years at BSU. I … Continue reading Francesca Battistelli {28/31 Niches}