Ruth Haley Barton {27/31 Niches}

I've been working a while to get through this book: Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation. When I bought it a couple years ago, I was so excited, because some of the bloggers I follow and resonate with were reading it and loving it and recommending it. But then when it came in … Continue reading Ruth Haley Barton {27/31 Niches}

William Wilberforce {26/31 Niches}

William Wilberforce 1759-1833 (He is well known for his part in thr abolition of slavery in England. His life was recently dramatized in the excellent movie: Amazing Grace. ) "What a difference it would be if our system of morality were based on the Bible instead of the standards devised by cultural Christians." "Christ gets … Continue reading William Wilberforce {26/31 Niches}

Joel Osteen {25/31 Niches}

"God wants you to ask Him for big things." - Joel Osteen, It's Your Time For this assignment I read the first third and skimmed the last third of Joel Osteen's book: It's Your Time. (Yes, I skipped the middle, you caught me!) The quote at the top is my favorite. We tend to limit … Continue reading Joel Osteen {25/31 Niches}