The Coffee Days

There are days I would just like to drink coffee all day. The spreading warmth. The pleasant awake feeling. The rich flavor. The delectable smell. The ability to make a day feel a little lighter and happier because I am lighter and happier. Because caffeine, you know? And then, of course, the chance to spike … Continue reading The Coffee Days

Finding a Place of Calm {Gayl Wright for #wholemama} {27/31}

I am excited to have Gayl here for #wholemama. She has a beautiful way of letting us see the world through her eyes and borrow a slice of calm. So inhale the goodness and read on.  Finding a Place of Calm The dark rose Lazy Boy rocker/recliner with wooden arms is still comfortable even though … Continue reading Finding a Place of Calm {Gayl Wright for #wholemama} {27/31}

Turn Over :: soul calm {26/31}

During my sophomore year of college I went to a spiritual retreat sort of thing put on by Intervarsity. I was shocked by much of what we learned (I talked more about that here). Spiritual practices that have more base in mysticism - rather than playing to my staunch lutheranism accidentally steeped in a little calvinism - scared … Continue reading Turn Over :: soul calm {26/31}