The Crescent Stone by Matt Mikalatos {Review}

One of my earlier memories is my dad reading the Narnia series aloud to us while we were tent-camping along the Oregon coast. I think I was five or younger. I may have to get my details straight on that one, but he started on those books quite early. Mine and my siblings' first forays … Continue reading The Crescent Stone by Matt Mikalatos {Review}

Raise Your Voice by Kathy Khang {Review}

"I moved my friend's hand off my mouth and continued to speak." Kathy Khang, Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and How to Speak Up, p 33 I don't know if I would have the nerve to keep talking after something like that. Whether or not we have experienced a more physical silencing as … Continue reading Raise Your Voice by Kathy Khang {Review}

Books vs Life

Books will solve the riddles of my life. If I read enough parenting books my kids will behave, if I read enough writing books I'll have written something, and if I absorb enough fiction I'll know how to deal with this wild ride called life. Of course they can do that. These are the lies … Continue reading Books vs Life

A Book for the Toddlers in Your Life

This mid-size children's board book, God Made the World, is written and beautifully illustrated by Sarah Jean Collins and published by Tyndale House Publishers. Each page tells a different piece of the creation story in fun rhymes with delightful geometric shapes, colors and contrast for little eyes. Similar to those black and white contrast stories … Continue reading A Book for the Toddlers in Your Life

Recently Read {Quick Lit}

I love Modern Mrs Darcy's invitation to share our "short and sweet reviews" of what we've been reading. I enjoy the challenge of trying to say what I liked or didn't like about a book, and a tiny peek into the story in just a couple of sentences. It is a way to keep a … Continue reading Recently Read {Quick Lit}