What I Learned {Fall 2018}

Each season Emily P. Freeman invites people to share in her practice of noting what she's learned. So today, I'm joining in. Some of this is trivial or just fun, some is less so, and some things I've learned aren't really shareable. But for now I'm going to challenge myself a little to pay attention … Continue reading What I Learned {Fall 2018}

Into – Sept {Whole Together Family 8/31}

I like to keep a monthly, partially because there used to be a linkup, but now I've realized I really enjoy having these markers of what we've been up to. Even if they are not everything we've done it is still fun and helpful for choosing future plans. It helps me to take note of … Continue reading Into – Sept {Whole Together Family 8/31}

Summer Magic (What I’m Into – August 2018)

Looking at these pictures makes me happy. In August, we figured out our summer groove! We managed enough pool trips that Ranger is nearly swimming, Ali is well on her way, and Meg got comfortable putting her face in again! We went on a few hikes, played and picnicked at playgrounds, checked out way too … Continue reading Summer Magic (What I’m Into – August 2018)

What I’m Into – July 2018

July came and went in a blur of bikes, running, hiking, swimming, VBS, taking too many selfies trying to update a profile picture, and all the things the kids could possibly make out of a little glue, reams of paper, everything out of the recycling bin, and five trays of watercolors. It's amazing how much … Continue reading What I’m Into – July 2018

What I’m Into – June 2018

Welcome to July! I'm not quite sure I agree with life going quite this fast. Maybe that's why some people count by seasons instead of months. The rapid pace of this month just seems greedy.   We made it through June with the last part of a trip to the coast with family, five mornings … Continue reading What I’m Into – June 2018

What I’m Into – May 2018

It's been one of those months that feels both long and short. Long because of stress felt and short because 'hey look it's June already'! Summer is on its way and the weather is warming up. I'm a fan. :) I love summer activities. We are looking forward to more hiking, some swimming, hanging out, … Continue reading What I’m Into – May 2018

Just for Fun: Collections of Words from Other People

I've been loving these songs: "Joy" by Tori Harper: The chorus is my favorite part. Which is lucky because it repeats a bit. "Your joy is greater than a thousand sorrows and Your love will conquer all of my tomorrows It fills my heart, the sound of Your song." Listen on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=V_rC_qWlpjI&app=desktop Tori's other … Continue reading Just for Fun: Collections of Words from Other People

Whole-list-ical (6.26.17)

  Just a few things that I have found inspiring or motivating lately: Two books: Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor - I have never tried to go through an actual yoga book before - only youtube. And I like this one a lot. It is very informative, focuses on muscle groups … Continue reading Whole-list-ical (6.26.17)