The Less and More Life {Challenge – #Wholemama}

    When I consider my life in the light of wholeness, I am invited to grab up all the pieces of who I am or want to be and meld them together into my own one life. The challenge is knowing how to fit all the pieces in, which pieces to choose, and where to … Continue reading The Less and More Life {Challenge – #Wholemama}

Lose and Find {Five Minute Friday}

The losing and finding of all the pieces has been this motherhood journey for me. I've lost the sideline dreams of a career of some sort (for now, you know) and I've found this perpetual challenge of walking alongside my munchkins. Sitting with their tired tantrums and wishing I knew exactly the right way to … Continue reading Lose and Find {Five Minute Friday}

Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

So it's summer! It's the season for swimming, hot weather, sunscreen, growing things, early morning hiking, camping, exploring, normal life, and often anything to escape the heat. We just had our first glimpse of summer weather: 90F and above. With three little kids we have to do something to get outside everyday. They for some reason … Continue reading Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

Who is encouraging you? {#Wholemama Roundup}

A big part of my becoming in this #wholemama life has been learning who to listen to, finding voices that encourage me to be more at ease in my own skin, and taking note of the things that speak to me in a meaningful way. Kind of a record keeping of encouraging words and ideas. It's … Continue reading Who is encouraging you? {#Wholemama Roundup}

Together {#wholemama}

Tonight I made cookies just so I could eat the dough. Yes, it was that kind of evening. The kids are still (almost literally) bouncing off the walls. But at least I have cookie dough. And also 4 dozen baked cookies for when the going gets rough later this week. Or maybe just later this … Continue reading Together {#wholemama}

Mend {#Wholemama}

----- Mend is a gentle word. It takes the preexisting pieces, torn or worn, shredded maybe, and coaxes them back together. Glue, thread, buttons, patches. The kind of mending that maintains the reality of the brokenness and tucks the fraying edges into safe places as the whole piece continues to be used in the way … Continue reading Mend {#Wholemama}

Bitter Brewing {Chara Donahue for #wholemama}

by Chara Donahue ----- "Would you like some coffee with that creamer?" My husband asks with a teasing tone I have come to love. I have always had a sweet tooth, and all my coffee creamer choices confirm that reality. Coffee had always been too bitter for me, and I never saw the need for … Continue reading Bitter Brewing {Chara Donahue for #wholemama}

Humility {#wholemama}

I've been learning these past few years, about doubt, opinions, faith. I used to be entrenched in my own opinions or the opinions of those around me. I was pretty solidly sure I knew enough about the important stuff and had the "right" opinions in my Christian faith. And then suddenly I wasn't. I didn't know, … Continue reading Humility {#wholemama}