What I Learned {Fall 2018}

Each season Emily P. Freeman invites people to share in her practice of noting what she's learned. So today, I'm joining in. Some of this is trivial or just fun, some is less so, and some things I've learned aren't really shareable. But for now I'm going to challenge myself a little to pay attention … Continue reading What I Learned {Fall 2018}

Magic key to creativity? {Whole Together Family 9/31}

Today was a roundabout day. It started late last night as I was trying to fumble together some words to post. I did, but I didn't. I wrote, but nothing was working well. By that point I was too tired to tell if I was just being picky or if I should just call it … Continue reading Magic key to creativity? {Whole Together Family 9/31}

Just Five Things {the kind side}

Notes of creative encouragement: It's ok not to know why you're drawn to these creative projects. You don't have to explain it to anyone. Be free to do the things that call to you and ignore the things that don't. Explore! It's ok to be a beginner. You belong right here.  Just because what you're doing … Continue reading Just Five Things {the kind side}

Rain {Five Minute Friday and a writerly opportunity}

As far as I remember, it has rained all of once in the last three months. The sidewalk chalk was gradually wearing off scuff by little scuff. One of our trees seems to have chosen to let a few leaves go by the wayside. Hopefully those parts of the tree will just come back next … Continue reading Rain {Five Minute Friday and a writerly opportunity}

Loyal {Five Minute Friday}

Part of living life creatively means jumping in with two feet and being loyal to your vision of what is possible. It is easy to get discouraged with your progress or lack, with your ability to forge ahead or tendency to pause longer than you'd like, or anything else where your confidence gets a nudge … Continue reading Loyal {Five Minute Friday}

it matters {the kind side}

For when you're not sure your creative endeavor matters: It's ok to do something only for you. I find myself constantly getting lost in other people's priorities for my time instead of taking a moment to decide what would be the most important for me. I get to choose what is important for me to … Continue reading it matters {the kind side}

Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

There's something about 13.1 that feels doable. The distance is set and measured. The starting line is here. The finish is there. Each step takes me a measurable distance closer to the finish line that is as close as possible to exactly 13.1 miles away. It's a race. Mostly it's just against myself since I'm … Continue reading Thirteen – together and alone {Five Minute Friday}

No. 1: It must look boring.

Something about having three young kids makes you a little more guarded about any scrap of potential quietish time you could possibly have. Lately we've been playing in the front yard a lot because the kids are loving the front yard things: bikes, scooters, and swings. And our backyard is pretty small so it makes … Continue reading No. 1: It must look boring.