Hi, You!

I’m Erika.

With three little kids afoot, my home is a little wild. As a stay at home mama, I sometimes feel caught between dreams for myself, hopes for my three kiddos and husband, responsibilities in my home, and all the rest of life’s mayhem.

It’s hard to enjoy your kids or your life when you feel stuck in the middle of a squabble for your time and attention. I want to share with you how I’ve found more fulfillment while encouraging you to:

  • embrace all the things that make you feel more like yourself.
  • make room for everyone in the family to be whole people – together and apart.
  • follow your wildest dreams and cultivate the wild dreamers living in your wake.
  • find really good books to read – because I can’t help it, I’m obsessed. And a little nerdy.

Places to Start:

Are you feeling lost or stuck?

We don’t have to give up our own lives to be moms. Saying it seems obvious, but sometimes living it out can be complicated. WholeMama helps me remember to nurture and accept all the pieces of myself. I’m a body, a soul, a mother, a heart, a life, and a person with unique passions. And so are you.

Does your family feel at odds with itself?

I’ve been rumbling with what it means to be whole and ourselves in our family while, at the same time, raising kids to be wholly themselves. It’s a tricky topic. Every family will find a different solution. But here’s how I’m embracing what it means for us to be free and whole together.

Love to read?

Books Books Books. I love them. You love them. Click here for reviews, lists of what I’ve read recently, and booklists to fill your TBR list.

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