Adventure {#wholemama}

Sometimes in the middle of my everyday I find myself longing for adventure. You know the type where you fly off and only have yourself to entertain. Then, preferably, you are surrounded by a foreign language and off to explore new places and see beautiful things. That is my favorite type of adventure. However thinking … Continue reading Adventure {#wholemama}

Adventure Calls {just a quote}

People are willing to be brave when they admit their smallness within the enormity of the world, and the best way to understand our smallness is to leave our comfort zones and start exploring, one foot in front of the other. When we go on an adventure, we'd better understand where we truly belong. Tsh … Continue reading Adventure Calls {just a quote}

Summer, summer :)

We just got back from a lovely few days in the mountainous regions near our home. It was lovely. And 15 degrees cooler. Awesome really. We went because Israel had a commercial shoot that required a lake and some sand. We left thursday night. The babe slept a good portion of the way there. We … Continue reading Summer, summer :)