It’s ok not to know {the kind side}

For when you desperately want to know you're doing the right thing: It's really easy to overthink things. Sometimes it's not so bad, but sometimes the obsessing and overthinking can really break your day. It's harder to say about the big stuff, but don't overthink the little stuff. It will all work out. And most … Continue reading It’s ok not to know {the kind side}

No. 1: It must look boring.

Something about having three young kids makes you a little more guarded about any scrap of potential quietish time you could possibly have. Lately we've been playing in the front yard a lot because the kids are loving the front yard things: bikes, scooters, and swings. And our backyard is pretty small so it makes … Continue reading No. 1: It must look boring.

The Real Role of Feelings (Day 3)

With three kids and life besides, the emotional input in this house are constantly at high levels. As much as I would like to tune it out or make them all be happy and volume-controlled, I can't. It doesn't work. The only person I can control is myself. And even that goes awry at times (I'm … Continue reading The Real Role of Feelings (Day 3)