Autumn Slow :: Soul Calm {3/31}

''Instead of forgetting or running from my own smallness, what if I chose instead to look it in the face, to settles down into the place where I am, to notice what is happening around me on my ordinary days? What if these small moments are the very portal into experiencing the kingdom of God?" … Continue reading Autumn Slow :: Soul Calm {3/31}

Fall Leaves!

First leaf pile of the season. He assesses the pile. He assesses the audience. Wait for it. Wait for it. And freak out! :) Love this boy. :) ------ I'm so excited to get outside with ranger as these new seasons come around. First leaves, first snow, a second set of first holidays. It's all … Continue reading Fall Leaves!

Day 21: successful day of refreshing my life.

I am ridiculously tired today. Sometime between getting back from our trip on thursday and this afternoon, Ranger decided he'd rather not take naps (unless maybe if we work really hard to make him) and he's stuck on Georgia time. Meaning he wakes up at 6 AM and by the time his normal bedtime rolls … Continue reading Day 21: successful day of refreshing my life.