A Day in the Life {with Three}

From a Friday in January: 3:30 AM - feed baby. 5AM - put two year old back in bed with a cracker 6AM - I may have put her back in bed again? I don't remember. 6:55 AM - let screamingly awake children out of their room with their promise to be quiet(er) 7AM - … Continue reading A Day in the Life {with Three}

What I’m Into | September 2015

I am sitting in a quiet house. The AC just kicked on again because we live in the part where cool mornings blend seamlessly into surprisingly hot afternoons. But the house is quiet. My three are sleeping and I am awake. I would be charging myself with a nap too, only my mom stopped by … Continue reading What I’m Into | September 2015

What I’m Into | August 2015

August was hot, smoky, and spent primarily indoors. We managed to get through dentist appointments, doctor's appointments, prenatal appointments, jury duty and what felt like way to many things.  What I'm into: Craft time! I introduced the kids to scissors and gluesticks. And then my aunt introduced them to Color Wonder (you know those markers … Continue reading What I’m Into | August 2015

A day in my life: pretty normal here.

3 AM - we hear screaming/yelling from the other room. Ranger is awake and not happy about it. Israel goes in to try and settle him down. Nothing doing. More screaming. Israel ends up sleeping in Ranger's room. 4 AM - I'm finally back asleep after being wakeful asleep a whiile waiting to see if … Continue reading A day in my life: pretty normal here.

22: toddler training

My biggest struggle these days has been how to get the toddler to mind when I tell him not to hit the baby. Yes, hitting the baby is a thing. Hopefully we'll have a breakthrough soon, but it is my new sticking point/reason for losing my temper. Understandably so, but it still leaves you feel … Continue reading 22: toddler training

Double Runner!

Today I had my first run with my newest favorite running accessory! :) They both eventually fell asleep! I'd call that a success! :) Ali had a few minutes of fussing before she settled and got comfortable, but the end result was 2 miles, 2 sleeping babies and a happy runner momma :) (Ali at … Continue reading Double Runner!

View {five minute friday}

Sometimes I think about his view as we make our way through the parking lot after a trip to the store. Him, secure on my hip, watching the world go by, pointing when he spots our dusty bright red car. I would like to think it feels like a safe place, going where momma goes, … Continue reading View {five minute friday}

House Tour: Ranger’s Room

Ranger's room was the first to gain any semblance of being put together. His room is in the back left corner of the house. It is bright and cheerful and you can't hear the doorbell when the door is shut and the fan is on. It's perfect. Here are a few pictures of it when … Continue reading House Tour: Ranger’s Room