A Day in the Life {with Three}

From a Friday in January: 3:30 AM - feed baby. 5AM - put two year old back in bed with a cracker 6AM - I may have put her back in bed again? I don't remember. 6:55 AM - let screamingly awake children out of their room with their promise to be quiet(er) 7AM - … Continue reading A Day in the Life {with Three}

What I’m Into | September 2015

I am sitting in a quiet house. The AC just kicked on again because we live in the part where cool mornings blend seamlessly into surprisingly hot afternoons. But the house is quiet. My three are sleeping and I am awake. I would be charging myself with a nap too, only my mom stopped by … Continue reading What I’m Into | September 2015

What I’m Into | August 2015

August was hot, smoky, and spent primarily indoors. We managed to get through dentist appointments, doctor's appointments, prenatal appointments, jury duty and what felt like way to many things.  What I'm into: Craft time! I introduced the kids to scissors and gluesticks. And then my aunt introduced them to Color Wonder (you know those markers … Continue reading What I’m Into | August 2015