View {five minute friday}

Sometimes I think about his view as we make our way through the parking lot after a trip to the store. Him, secure on my hip, watching the world go by, pointing when he spots our dusty bright red car. I would like to think it feels like a safe place, going where momma goes, … Continue reading View {five minute friday}

a crunch on the floor {tales of motherhood}

As our evening draws to a close, I settle into the couch and look around. Mayhem reigns on the floor as the last few hours of nine month old play are scattered across the rug. Any house with children knows this sight too well. The cheerios and corn chip pieces from snacks of old are … Continue reading a crunch on the floor {tales of motherhood}


I've found life functions best in seasons. The anticipation of the next good thing coming gets me through the mundane today. I love knowing that change is just around the corner. I think that's part of why I loved school so much. There was always that steady cycle of challenges and rest. The start of … Continue reading Seasons