A day in my life: pretty normal here.

3 AM - we hear screaming/yelling from the other room. Ranger is awake and not happy about it. Israel goes in to try and settle him down. Nothing doing. More screaming. Israel ends up sleeping in Ranger's room. 4 AM - I'm finally back asleep after being wakeful asleep a whiile waiting to see if … Continue reading A day in my life: pretty normal here.

22: toddler training

My biggest struggle these days has been how to get the toddler to mind when I tell him not to hit the baby. Yes, hitting the baby is a thing. Hopefully we'll have a breakthrough soon, but it is my new sticking point/reason for losing my temper. Understandably so, but it still leaves you feel … Continue reading 22: toddler training

Double Runner!

Today I had my first run with my newest favorite running accessory! :) They both eventually fell asleep! I'd call that a success! :) Ali had a few minutes of fussing before she settled and got comfortable, but the end result was 2 miles, 2 sleeping babies and a happy runner momma :) (Ali at … Continue reading Double Runner!