Yes, I … {Whole Together Family 15/31}

Sometimes with these abstract ideas that argue for a deeper story it is easy to be stuck in the idealist world. Straightforward problems with logical answers, often falling into false dichotomies that say things are either one way or the other. Never both. But that just isn't the case. The human experience is so utterly … Continue reading Yes, I … {Whole Together Family 15/31}

A Constant Remixing (Day 2)

I had some doubt choosing to keep this word as the primary connector of my thoughts this month because sometimes adaptable can take on an overly negative or positive.  For example: it's good to be adaptable when making life changes or simply growing up, but it can be an irksome trait if you simply adapt … Continue reading A Constant Remixing (Day 2)

“You are so fine!” :: Soul Calm {5/31}

At busy family gatherings or on playdates with my cousins or helping out after the youngest cousins were born, I remember my Aunt Chris always saying, "You are so fine." In response to so many things. I don't remember exactly what at this point in my life, but most often it came when we questioned whether or … Continue reading “You are so fine!” :: Soul Calm {5/31}

Beauty from Dust :: Soul Calm {1/31}

"You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of dust. You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of us." -Gungor, Beautiful Things My life breathes in and out. In and out. Panting to keep up, getting mired in regrets or questions, or champing at the bit to begin something new. I often allow those hairy-scary … Continue reading Beauty from Dust :: Soul Calm {1/31}

Baby Steps of Belief {Chara Donahue for #wholemama}

A note from me: I had the joy of meeting Chara at a writer's conference this spring. It's one of those rare times in the blogging world when you meet a person before you read their words. Her deep thoughtfulness is obvious in both arenas and I'm so glad she shared her words with us … Continue reading Baby Steps of Belief {Chara Donahue for #wholemama}

Hopefully Churching – {Guest Post at Circling the Story}

As chance would have it, here's another dose of hope for today :)  A big hope in the middle of change rather than the small hope I wrote about earlier.  l realize I haven't written about our church switch much here. It's a topic I've had to feel out over the course of this year. … Continue reading Hopefully Churching – {Guest Post at Circling the Story}

Eyes Fiercely Shut

I wrote much of the body of this post almost a year ago. I just haven't gotten brave enough to post it. But since it is seeming like more and more of the stories I want to tell are hinging on this one - the unravelling of my unswerving acceptance of gender roles and gender … Continue reading Eyes Fiercely Shut


In our hearts, Lord, in this nation Awakening Holy Spirit, we desire Awakening How does one stay awake? In this world of hyper aware distraction it seems we are always awake. we are always awake to the input of acquaintances, the urging of peers, the pressure of living up to everyone else's ideals and the … Continue reading Awakening.