The Bible People {Niche 24/31}

Feeling a little stuck so I'm sticking close to what I know. Some random questions for today: What if Balaam didn't believe it when his donkey talked? What if Esther followed the rules? What if Stephan fought back? What if Ruth didn't listen to her mother-in-law's advice? What if Joseph rejected the socially unacceptable (seemingly … Continue reading The Bible People {Niche 24/31}

William Cameron Townsend {21/31 Niches}

(1896-1982) (source) "The task of getting the Gospel in an adequate way to every ethnic person is tremedous. There is but one solution. I'm sure that it isn't man, money, surveys, not talk. They all have their place, but if the basis of all of it isn't fervent, believing prayer, they are in vain. And … Continue reading William Cameron Townsend {21/31 Niches}

Larry Osborne and Pharisees {12/31 Niches}

Just a quote for Sunday's Niche..and something I feel like is important to mention as I continue on. I hold to an absolute truth and there are things we must have right in order to be saved, but not as much or as little as some might think or say. These words ring true to … Continue reading Larry Osborne and Pharisees {12/31 Niches}