Whole-list-ical (4.12.17)

I don't know about you but my kids have been insane lately. Or maybe I have. Or maybe life. Or maybe it's just life and the fact that we're running out of coffee here. IDk. But here's a few things that have been making my life happier or spurring me on to more wholeness lately … Continue reading Whole-list-ical (4.12.17)

Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

So it's summer! It's the season for swimming, hot weather, sunscreen, growing things, early morning hiking, camping, exploring, normal life, and often anything to escape the heat. We just had our first glimpse of summer weather: 90F and above. With three little kids we have to do something to get outside everyday. They for some reason … Continue reading Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

Adventure {#wholemama}

Sometimes in the middle of my everyday I find myself longing for adventure. You know the type where you fly off and only have yourself to entertain. Then, preferably, you are surrounded by a foreign language and off to explore new places and see beautiful things. That is my favorite type of adventure. However thinking … Continue reading Adventure {#wholemama}

A Day in the Life {with Three}

From a Friday in January: 3:30 AM - feed baby. 5AM - put two year old back in bed with a cracker 6AM - I may have put her back in bed again? I don't remember. 6:55 AM - let screamingly awake children out of their room with their promise to be quiet(er) 7AM - … Continue reading A Day in the Life {with Three}

What I’m Into | January 2016

My kids are ridiculously adorable and that is mainly what I've been into and that results in instagram being fun too. We have spent the month getting back into a routine after Christmas mayhem and also just creating a winter routine that doesn't make mommy crazy. I added a quiet reading time before naptime and … Continue reading What I’m Into | January 2016

I Wish He Was A Little More. . . . {Shawna Scafe for #wholemama}

By Shawna Scafe ----- I’ve read that we start parenting our children before they are yet born. We give them little nicknames - usually based around produce type and fetal size. We joke about them kicking us like soccer players and essentially put into life little ideas we have of their soon-to-be revealed persona. Then … Continue reading I Wish He Was A Little More. . . . {Shawna Scafe for #wholemama}

A Screamy-Dreamy Winter {#wholemama}

I love spring. I know this is supposed to be a post about winter, but how can I write about winter when I love spring? But would I love spring the same way without winter? Would the blooming and the color and the late spring rains feel inviting or just too much without the barrenness … Continue reading A Screamy-Dreamy Winter {#wholemama}

62 days! and Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones {book review} {23/31}

This is a fun little christmas board book. I was looking for something that told the story of Jesus simply and beautifully. And while this isn't quite what I had in mind it is still a lovely addition to our Christmas collection. Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story The story starts with the leaves. … Continue reading 62 days! and Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones {book review} {23/31}