Hide // Five Minute Friday

It's all too easy for me to hide. In fact, I don't have to work at it or even seem like I'm hiding.  I hide my hiding from everyone. Sometimes even myself.  Stress, anger and other emotions can be hidden behind a smile. Whether it goes to the eyes or not, people want to believe … Continue reading Hide // Five Minute Friday

The world’s not in charge of me. 

  It's amazing how much a two day conference can wear you out. I took a long nap yesterday. Plus a short nap actually. And a long nap again today. I finally feel back to normal energy levels.  Also: coming home from two days without your kids is hard. Reentry can be killer. We resorted to netflix. That … Continue reading The world’s not in charge of me. 

What I’m Into | March 2015

March just soared on by in a mix of blue skies, warm afternoons, and chilly mornings. I love having the warmer weather back as it is always good for my spirit and sense of well-being. It was a fun and good month. I've been reassessing, rearranging and reprioritizing so many things and ideas. Spring is here … Continue reading What I’m Into | March 2015