The #WholeMama Dances Through It {from Rose Shepley}

By Rose Shepley The #WholeMama Dances Through It I have strong memories of both of my mothers dancing. My mama would dance around the HoneySuckle Rose, the bar she tended for most of my childhood. My step-mama danced around the house, and on a few occasions she danced on friends’ porches like she was dancing … Continue reading The #WholeMama Dances Through It {from Rose Shepley}

Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson {Book Review}

I have loved all of Sally Clarkson's books I've read. The Ministry of Motherhood, Desperate (with Sarah Mae), The Mission of Motherhood, and Own Your Life are books that I will go back to over and again. Own your life was one of those books I wanted to absorb as quickly as possible while at the same time … Continue reading Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson {Book Review}

Pastors, Soldiers, and Missionaries.

It's hard to accurately write about the change that has taken place in my mind and heart over the last few years. That's a lot of life to think about. But I'll try to touch on pieces here and there, if only to point out a changed perception of myself or of God. ----- Growing … Continue reading Pastors, Soldiers, and Missionaries.