Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson {Book Review}

I have loved all of Sally Clarkson's books I've read. The Ministry of Motherhood, Desperate (with Sarah Mae), The Mission of Motherhood, and Own Your Life are books that I will go back to over and again. Own your life was one of those books I wanted to absorb as quickly as possible while at the same time … Continue reading Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson {Book Review}

Pastors, Soldiers, and Missionaries.

It's hard to accurately write about the change that has taken place in my mind and heart over the last few years. That's a lot of life to think about. But I'll try to touch on pieces here and there, if only to point out a changed perception of myself or of God. ----- Growing … Continue reading Pastors, Soldiers, and Missionaries.

Silence My Critic and Write On

I write as an art. Speaking words of truth is hard. It's even harder when there's conflict. Doubt. Fear. Criticism. All pulling this way and that way, trying to convince you that going forward isn't worth it. The task is too big, too much work, and wouldn't someone else say it better? Wouldn't someone else … Continue reading Silence My Critic and Write On