Go from here {Whole Together Family 7/31}

We are ourselves, even as we live together as a family. For each other, we make modifications, we make concessions, and we make mistakes. We learn to live as a family even as we all change and become different versions of our same selves. It's a circling of needs and becoming, taking turns, together and … Continue reading Go from here {Whole Together Family 7/31}

A Constant Remixing (Day 2)

I had some doubt choosing to keep this word as the primary connector of my thoughts this month because sometimes adaptable can take on an overly negative or positive.  For example: it's good to be adaptable when making life changes or simply growing up, but it can be an irksome trait if you simply adapt … Continue reading A Constant Remixing (Day 2)

I Wish He Was A Little More. . . . {Shawna Scafe for #wholemama}

By Shawna Scafe ----- I’ve read that we start parenting our children before they are yet born. We give them little nicknames - usually based around produce type and fetal size. We joke about them kicking us like soccer players and essentially put into life little ideas we have of their soon-to-be revealed persona. Then … Continue reading I Wish He Was A Little More. . . . {Shawna Scafe for #wholemama}