Three gorgeous kids’ books in time for Christmas {Reviews}

I was so pleased to receive these three recently released books to review! Maybe one of these would be a lovely Christmas gift for one of the kids in your life!  The Sleepy Shepherd by Stephen Cottrell is a magically illustrated story about a little shepherd who sleeps right through the angels coming and everyone … Continue reading Three gorgeous kids’ books in time for Christmas {Reviews}

What I’m Into {December 2015}

December was fun. I didn't write much, read much, or run much, but we lived much and totally did Christmas much. :) The kids and I made Christmas cookies. We read Christmas books, talked about it, wrapped presents and tried to focus on the actual Christmas meaning. Advent Traditions: And I loved our advent book … Continue reading What I’m Into {December 2015}

Christmas Joy {#Wholemama}

Christmas is so soon and joyful, but it can be so overwhelming. All the people, the planning, the presents, the pitiful sugar crazed children. -- Ok, maybe that p-phrase was a stretch, but whatever. -- These children can be so pitiful when they're overwhelmed with Christmas expectations. "Say thank you." "Wait your turn." "That's not … Continue reading Christmas Joy {#Wholemama}