Three gorgeous kids’ books in time for Christmas {Reviews}

I was so pleased to receive these three recently released books to review! Maybe one of these would be a lovely Christmas gift for one of the kids in your life!  The Sleepy Shepherd by Stephen Cottrell is a magically illustrated story about a little shepherd who sleeps right through the angels coming and everyone … Continue reading Three gorgeous kids’ books in time for Christmas {Reviews}

What I’m Into {December 2015}

December was fun. I didn't write much, read much, or run much, but we lived much and totally did Christmas much. :) The kids and I made Christmas cookies. We read Christmas books, talked about it, wrapped presents and tried to focus on the actual Christmas meaning. Advent Traditions: And I loved our advent book … Continue reading What I’m Into {December 2015}

Christmas Joy {#Wholemama}

Christmas is so soon and joyful, but it can be so overwhelming. All the people, the planning, the presents, the pitiful sugar crazed children. -- Ok, maybe that p-phrase was a stretch, but whatever. -- These children can be so pitiful when they're overwhelmed with Christmas expectations. "Say thank you." "Wait your turn." "That's not … Continue reading Christmas Joy {#Wholemama}

Bonded by Tradition {Inez Bayardo for #wholemama}

  By Inez Bayardo It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  A time for singing, decorating, gift-giving, celebrating and spending time with family. And for many, it’s a time of tradition. I looked up the meaning of tradition in the dictionary. Tradition is: “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation”. We … Continue reading Bonded by Tradition {Inez Bayardo for #wholemama}

62 days! and Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones {book review} {23/31}

This is a fun little christmas board book. I was looking for something that told the story of Jesus simply and beautifully. And while this isn't quite what I had in mind it is still a lovely addition to our Christmas collection. Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story The story starts with the leaves. … Continue reading 62 days! and Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones {book review} {23/31}

For God so loved the world…

God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 I'm experimenting with putting pictures in my posts... so far so good. These are a pictures of a pretty bracelet my grandma got for me. Merry Christmas!