The couch is CLEAN!

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far far away... I pinned this oh so surreal directions on how to clean your microfiber couch. And it sat on my pinboard for months and months...until a snowy day, a dirty couch, and the prospect of being stuck inside spurred me into action. I beat … Continue reading The couch is CLEAN!

a crunch on the floor {tales of motherhood}

As our evening draws to a close, I settle into the couch and look around. Mayhem reigns on the floor as the last few hours of nine month old play are scattered across the rug. Any house with children knows this sight too well. The cheerios and corn chip pieces from snacks of old are … Continue reading a crunch on the floor {tales of motherhood}

Day 18: Feast Your Eyes

On this.... The horrendousness. This is what I was faced with in my living room this afternoon. Keep in mind we had just gotten home from a trip...though shamefully it often looks similar. With Ranger figuring out how to get around really well last week while we were gone, when we did finally arrive home … Continue reading Day 18: Feast Your Eyes