The Bump of July {summer maternity series}

This will be the bump of july-ish. Since I only got about a thrid of the outfits. Ah well :) interesting anyway. These are weeks 30-34. It's getting closer! --- I had fun with this blue dress. It was so cute I had to find a way I felt comfortable wearing it. I added my … Continue reading The Bump of July {summer maternity series}

The June Bump {summer maternity series}

Summer is officially here. This next week is going to be hothothot. It will be interesting. I've been very sporadic in remembering to take pictures of my outfits. I think I only remember when I feel especially put together or cute. Ha. I shall try to be more honest with you all and take pictures … Continue reading The June Bump {summer maternity series}

Life is busy!

Hello again, It's been a while and a lot has happened here these last two weeks. We've celebrated Ranger's first birthday (you'll get an update as soon as I can steal pictures from my husband), gotten house details sorted out and taken care of, had an ultrasound, israel worked and worked as usual, and tonight … Continue reading Life is busy!

Day 13: Epic finds!

Today Arianna was in charge of the schedule as our husbands were off being wedding photographers on a Saturday morning. We left soon after they did cramming 3 kiddos in the back of the car. Our first stop was basically a huge yardsale (if anyone's in Birmingham it's called Kid's Market). It is twice a … Continue reading Day 13: Epic finds!

Day 8: Packing it in.

Today's focus was most definitely on packing and getting ready for a week of travel. I was surprised by the amount of focus necessary to pack for a baby AND myself. Ranger was very kind this afternoon and napped a while on his own. So that was very helpful in my effort to pack mindfully. … Continue reading Day 8: Packing it in.