Listen {Five Minute Friday}

Listen. Listening involves being quiet. But beyond that it involves stilling our own inner dialogue where we prepare what we want to say next or decide what we think about what we're hearing. Listening is sitting in the space of someone else's words. Not just hearing. Not just taking in the auditory signals. It's observing … Continue reading Listen {Five Minute Friday}

Back Roads to Belonging by Kristen Strong {Book Review}

"A quiet back road requires the patience and eyes-wide-open vision that allows us to see the stunning views of God's provision for each of us. But it also provides a suitable place for us to consider where he wants us to expand our circle and sense of belonging. After we spend time caring for our … Continue reading Back Roads to Belonging by Kristen Strong {Book Review}

Invited by Leslie Verner {Book Review}

"While some of us may be led to move, go, and pledge ourselves to other lands, most of us are tasked with the mission to stay. What if we took that same sense of purpose and "calling" we often attribute to cross-cultural workers, pastors, and missionaries, and poured it into our right-here, right-now lives?What if … Continue reading Invited by Leslie Verner {Book Review}