Lean on Me by Anne Marie Miller {Book Review}

Lean On Me: Finding Intentional, Vulnerable, and Consistent Community (The whimsical and pretty cover art made me happy :) ) In Lean on Me, Anne Marie Miller writes of her divorce, relocation away and back to her home, the creation of a network of friends, her journey to community, and everything in between. But it's … Continue reading Lean on Me by Anne Marie Miller {Book Review}

The Normal Christian Life {Ch #10 and #11}

We're rapidly nearing the end of our study through Or The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. My Bible study has just one chapter left and then we'll be breaking for the holidays so I am hurrying to finish up these chapter summaries/outlines/reflections. Whatever they are. Mostly I just write these so that the things … Continue reading The Normal Christian Life {Ch #10 and #11}

Larry Crabb on Community {18/31 Niches}

"Everything in spiritual community is reversed from the world's order. It is our weakness, not our competence, that moves others; our sorrows, not our blessings, that break down the barriers of fear and shame that keep us apart; our admitted failures, not our paraded successes, that bind us together in hope. " "Brokenness is the … Continue reading Larry Crabb on Community {18/31 Niches}