[Im]Practical Adjustments

"In our demand that we be practical, we have nudged the Spirit aside and gone after objectives we can reach without Him. We’ve learned to empathize, listen well, and affirm without judging, to free people to be themselves as they define who they are and what they want. Holiness has been bumped out of the … Continue reading [Im]Practical Adjustments

Confused People

"The upside of confusion is openness. Confused people listen better, not always, but more often than those people whose minds are made up. Those folks listen only in order to critique, to see if someone else is on the right track, namely theirs. Confused people are more likely to combine kindness with whatever convictions emerge … Continue reading Confused People

Words, Community, and Controversy :: ideas worth-sharing::

I'm starting up my monthly lists of links again. I'm always finding things I want to talk about or share. The problem is I don't always have the time to write about them. So I'll just keep a list and choose the best of the best to share. So, without further ado, january's ideas worth … Continue reading Words, Community, and Controversy :: ideas worth-sharing::