Day 15: Finished a book!

Something about only having two books with you and basically nothing else to occupy your down time gets books read. I'm very good at starting books...but finishing them generally takes longer than five days...for non-fiction at least. Yesterday I finished "Half the Church" by Carolyn Curtis James. I pulled some other quotes as I read … Continue reading Day 15: Finished a book!

Five Minute Friday – Change

; My everyday is one of staying home. I rock the baby. Feed the baby. And roll around in neverending piles of laundry and dishes. I wonder what to make for dinner. It is an age-old battle fought by many a housewife, but nontheless a mini-battle of everyday. Epics could be written on the intricacies … Continue reading Five Minute Friday – Change

Reading my way through my life

It's interesting how for some people the silent activity of reading can be so revitalizing. I am one of those people. I remember once when I was younger (somewhere between the ages of 8-11? I don't remember exactly) I was reading a book and I was so caught up in the story. My mom and … Continue reading Reading my way through my life