Don’t sit it out {The Kind Side}

There's not a "right way." I know it's not earth-shattering, but sometimes you just need to say it. Sometimes wanting to know you're doing it right is stopping you from trying in the first place. Say the words and free yourself up from researching, wondering, and stalling because you're not convinced you've got things right … Continue reading Don’t sit it out {The Kind Side}

Start Again (and again, and again). {Five Minute Friday}

I'm talking myself into it again. Every day I feel like I find new layers of doubt dusting off contentment of apparent productivity to scream their discouraging thoughts across my interior existence. "What are you even doing?" "Why try?" "Who are you to say anything at all and shouldn't you just put the kids in … Continue reading Start Again (and again, and again). {Five Minute Friday}

On not choosing everything

I tend to want to read all the things (with good success), write all the things (with nominal success), and participate in as much as sounds fun (with moderate success). And then rate the success of each endeavor. Apparently.  When the 100 day project came around I said yes. When I heard my friend was … Continue reading On not choosing everything

Nothing to Prove {The Kind Side}

You are worth more than the things you make. You're not going to run out of ideas. It is not a race. And most likely, no matter what you make, you'll still feel compelled to make something else. And that's a good thing. We are made in the image of the Creator God so it … Continue reading Nothing to Prove {The Kind Side}

Your Sink Doesn’t Care. It’s Ok. {The Kind Side}

So your kitchen is messy. Ok. It is no problem. So you're sitting on a chair lounging and wishing you didn't have to clean all the while feeling guilty because your husband is working in the other room. I mean hypothetically. It is still not a problem. Do you want to have a clean kitchen? … Continue reading Your Sink Doesn’t Care. It’s Ok. {The Kind Side}

It might not be exactly how you pictured, do it anyway. #the100dayproject

I got to today and realized today is day 11 of my challenge. It's felt fairly easy and nearly problem free. I've written things each day as planned. I took Sunday off as planned. And I'm still writing things as planned. But today on this little day, I'm thinking I coulda-shoulda put out things that … Continue reading It might not be exactly how you pictured, do it anyway. #the100dayproject

When your projects get FOMO {The Kind Side}

You may not have time to do a lot of everything you want to do, but doing a little bit is possible. Conversely doing a little bit of everything is not a viable way to live your life. Choose what is most important. Give it some extra energy and momentum. See where it goes. It … Continue reading When your projects get FOMO {The Kind Side}

Go for it. {The Kind Side}

It's ok to slow down and it is ok to speed up with all the creative things you're doing. You don't have to meet anyone else's expectations or even your own. Sometimes life requires more, sometimes it allows for more, sometimes it just is more and you need a break. Revel in your own life. … Continue reading Go for it. {The Kind Side}