Room Enough {Notes from the Kind Side}

I've gotten caught in the idea of enough right here on the kind side, but so often this little phrase of "not enough" is the sticking point in creativity for me. So here I am telling you (through words I want to hear) there is room enough for your creativity, for your big dream, for … Continue reading Room Enough {Notes from the Kind Side}

“You” Enough {The Kind Side}

But is this really me? Is this what I want to do forever?Is this who I am?Is there even a future here? Surely someone else could do it better. But it's just a hobby. I don't need to take it any further. Second-guessing questions and pre-evaluating sentences provoke all sorts of doubt and fear in … Continue reading “You” Enough {The Kind Side}

On the journey to create.. 3 things {The Kind Side}

We won’t figure it out right away. Each attempt will probably show us something really useful. Our creative efforts might help other people in ways we’ll never know. This cute picture book, The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires, is about a little girl trying to create something she has pictured in her head. She … Continue reading On the journey to create.. 3 things {The Kind Side}

A word or seven {The Kind Side} (Also: don’t miss this free webinar tonight)

That thing you're thinking about sharing? It's good enough. Just put it out there,. Someone specific needs it. The problem you've been mulling over? Take the time to write through it and see where you get. It really helps. I've been there, too. That niggling idea in your head that you're not a writer (creative) … Continue reading A word or seven {The Kind Side} (Also: don’t miss this free webinar tonight)

Steady as She Goes {The Kind Side}

It's ok to experiment and not be sure you are meant to do this one thing over that other thing. Do the work placed in front of you on this very day. Choose what you already chose before. Choose the unchangeable commitments. The people, the responsibilities, the aliveness of your life. After that it's an … Continue reading Steady as She Goes {The Kind Side}

Use the Yet {The Kind Side}

I love to look through facebook and instragram. It helps me to find those graphics with words about ideals and helping our kids grow up well. I usuall share them to my stories or my feed depending on where I find them. Sometimes I add commentary. Sometimes I don't. Last week I found myself beginning … Continue reading Use the Yet {The Kind Side}

One Thing {The Kind Side} One of the people I follow on Instagram reposted this from @theresgoodinstore this morning and I thought it was altogether just right for this morning's Kind Side note. I always want to know how everything will work out and where all the details will fall. I want to have peace made and pieces picked … Continue reading One Thing {The Kind Side}

“I don’t sew” vs a pile of possibilty.

I don't sew. But in the last two days I've recovered four throw pillows, freehanded three tote bags for the kids' library books, and mended a quilt. All this because my older sister asked to store and possibly use her extra sewing machine as a favor to her closet space. And also could she offload … Continue reading “I don’t sew” vs a pile of possibilty.