The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson {book review}

"Home is not merely a dwelling. It's not merely a state of existence. It's a story, a narrative spun out day by day, a story molded by the walls and hours and tasks and feasts with which we fill our time, reflecting the reality of the God whose love animates every aspect of our being." … Continue reading The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson {book review}

William Wilberforce {26/31 Niches}

William Wilberforce 1759-1833 (He is well known for his part in thr abolition of slavery in England. His life was recently dramatized in the excellent movie: Amazing Grace. ) "What a difference it would be if our system of morality were based on the Bible instead of the standards devised by cultural Christians." "Christ gets … Continue reading William Wilberforce {26/31 Niches}

The Bible People {Niche 24/31}

Feeling a little stuck so I'm sticking close to what I know. Some random questions for today: What if Balaam didn't believe it when his donkey talked? What if Esther followed the rules? What if Stephan fought back? What if Ruth didn't listen to her mother-in-law's advice? What if Joseph rejected the socially unacceptable (seemingly … Continue reading The Bible People {Niche 24/31}

Revangelical by Lance Ford {Book Review & 7/31 Niches}

"But what we've too often missed is that our lives are supposed to be a steady presentation of the gospel whether we "evangelize" or not." - Lance Ford, Revangelical: Becoming the Good News People We're Meant to Be Note: I've chosen to include my book reviews in this month of niches, because often people write … Continue reading Revangelical by Lance Ford {Book Review & 7/31 Niches}

It’s not about me.

That's what I have to keep telling myself as I stumble for the right words to say about Ferguson. Have you heard of it? I hope so. (If not, here are some facts) My instinct is to be silent and let others speak, but something tells me I can't. Even if I say things poorly, … Continue reading It’s not about me.

Books for the Journey: Culture, Travel, and World Changers

I love books that take you to different times or countries. Reading about it in a narrative or a well-researched novel is definitely my favorite way to learn about periods of history and various cultures. Here are a few of my favorite culturally enlightening books. Many of them have inspirational qualities and characters as well. … Continue reading Books for the Journey: Culture, Travel, and World Changers