Happier Walls / Happier Me

So I've been doing a lot of creating that's not verbally driven. It's been a little crazy here and being able to check out of my head focus has been relaxing. And often this means I'm actively making something or arranging things in ways that make me happier. So it's a good mood boost all … Continue reading Happier Walls / Happier Me

House Thoughts: Purpose and Personality

"If we show up with hands filled with perfection, then why would we need to think at all? What would life ever require of us? There would be no need for creativity. A technician has missing pieces and can't continue the job. An artist knows that the mess-ups and the limits are where the fun … Continue reading House Thoughts: Purpose and Personality

Decorating Reflections

At this point in my life, decorating my house is not something that comes naturally to me. All of it involves time, and paint, and trips to the store, and getting up the nerve to put a thumbtack hole in the wall. And try to throw into the mix two little ones who definitely enjoy … Continue reading Decorating Reflections