Pastors, Soldiers, and Missionaries.

It's hard to accurately write about the change that has taken place in my mind and heart over the last few years. That's a lot of life to think about. But I'll try to touch on pieces here and there, if only to point out a changed perception of myself or of God. ----- Growing … Continue reading Pastors, Soldiers, and Missionaries.

Writing Things Down – Bigger.

This feels like a vulnerable thing to write about. Because once I say I have things that are stopping me from following through on my dreams I am claiming its existence in the first place. It's admitting that I have a dream and want to move to a different place in my writing life. If … Continue reading Writing Things Down – Bigger.

Five Minute Friday – Opportunity (revisited)

With the opportunity to write un-edited today, comes an unprecedented silence. The chance to write on. Opportunity fills my mind with wild contemplations on all the current opportunities in my life. And one can't write out their heart, and hopes, and dreams in five minutes flat. Or can I? I hope to read and write … Continue reading Five Minute Friday – Opportunity (revisited)