Even if your heart beats a little faster. {The Kind Side}

Just because you have an emotional reaction to something doesn't mean it is the right or wrong thing to do. Maybe you feel scared that it won't work, anxious that you might fail, uncertain you chose right, or nervous you won't be able to do it. These are feelings, but they don't get to tell … Continue reading Even if your heart beats a little faster. {The Kind Side}

Who is encouraging you? {#Wholemama Roundup}

A big part of my becoming in this #wholemama life has been learning who to listen to, finding voices that encourage me to be more at ease in my own skin, and taking note of the things that speak to me in a meaningful way. Kind of a record keeping of encouraging words and ideas. It's … Continue reading Who is encouraging you? {#Wholemama Roundup}

Kindness on the Homefront

So the words have been stuck in my head lately. Just stuck. Do you know what I mean? I have some topics all lined up that are interesting to me and make me want to write them, but waiting til I know what and how to write them somehow also becomes part of that game. … Continue reading Kindness on the Homefront

Encouragement {Five Minute Friday}

---------- Start: --- When we embark on something new we like to know we're doing the right thing. Or that we're doing it well. We like to have a little bit of encouragement. We like to have just few words to say we're on the right track. I get it. I do. I need it … Continue reading Encouragement {Five Minute Friday}

30: be encouraged.

"It occurred to me that so many of the aspects of my life, my writing and my running and my relationships, are all flavored by my love for my children. Where I had diluted areas in the past, I am now full concentration. Motherhood refines us. It forces us to refocus and reprioritize, leaving just … Continue reading 30: be encouraged.

27: Books for the Journey: Motherhood

(My little muppets!) I have another lovely list of wonderful books today! You can see all of the posts in my Books for the Journey series here! :) So far I've done books for recovering perfectionists, fiction, travel/culture/world,pregnancy/birth/babies, parenting, and faith. Anyway! On with today! These books are just super encouraging books for moms. They … Continue reading 27: Books for the Journey: Motherhood