The Gift of Vision {Esther Emery for #wholemama}

It is so fun to have Esther write for us today. She was the momentum behind #wholemama when we began (30 weeks ago!!) and it is just right to have her begin this new year here.    By Esther Emery This is the first year in ages that I have no idea what I'm supposed … Continue reading The Gift of Vision {Esther Emery for #wholemama}

Introducing Esther! {#WholeMama}

This is going to be such fun summer of writing and encouraging! Next week we'll kick off with a word and the rest of the fun. And this week we're doing introductions! We're doing video itro because what's more fun than hearing the actua voice and seeing the face of those people we mostly only … Continue reading Introducing Esther! {#WholeMama}