Darkness {five minute friday}

It’s a season of feelings I don’t really want to record. Sadness. Grief. Confusion. Annoyance. Regret. Anger. Overwhelm. Mixed in with all the usual good contained in our everyday life, grieving my younger sister has been such a confusing process. I’ve found that losing someone leaves a haze over my clarity, a damper on my … Continue reading Darkness {five minute friday}

Remember God by Annie F. Downs {Book Review}

Remember God by Annie F. Downs "And you know I wrestle. You know I wish things were easier and wish our stories were more streamlined and tied with a tighter bow at the end. I struggle so much when my expectations of God don't meet the reality of my current experience with life." Annie F. … Continue reading Remember God by Annie F. Downs {Book Review}

Listen {Five Minute Friday}

Listen. Listening involves being quiet. But beyond that it involves stilling our own inner dialogue where we prepare what we want to say next or decide what we think about what we're hearing. Listening is sitting in the space of someone else's words. Not just hearing. Not just taking in the auditory signals. It's observing … Continue reading Listen {Five Minute Friday}

Success {Five Minute Friday}

Is there any such thing as success? Is it about how big we get, how rich we get, or if we do what we set out to do? Will we ever arrive? I don't think so. Maybe if we're talking about money we might classify someone as a success or being successful. But not so … Continue reading Success {Five Minute Friday}

Always We Begin Again by Leanna Tankersly (Book Review)

Always We Begin Again: Stepping into the Next, New Moment by Leanna Tankersly This beautiful sparkly hardcover is small in stature, but hefty in pages and expectation. The perfect size for holding introspectively while gazing out the window. As one does. I haven't finished it yet, but besides having just the right dimensions, these 100 … Continue reading Always We Begin Again by Leanna Tankersly (Book Review)

Loving My Actual Neighbor by Alexandra Kuykendall {Book Review}

"May we be people who take this business of loving our neighbors seriously, knowing God does. With all of the humility we can muster, we join our Maker to treasure the people right in front of us so that they may experience the hope of Christ through us." Loc 2202Loving My Actual Neighbor: 7 Practices … Continue reading Loving My Actual Neighbor by Alexandra Kuykendall {Book Review}

Back Roads to Belonging by Kristen Strong {Book Review}

"A quiet back road requires the patience and eyes-wide-open vision that allows us to see the stunning views of God's provision for each of us. But it also provides a suitable place for us to consider where he wants us to expand our circle and sense of belonging. After we spend time caring for our … Continue reading Back Roads to Belonging by Kristen Strong {Book Review}

What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}

"Pick up the pace." (I think you should go faster.) "Pace yourself." (I think you need to slow down so you don't run out of energy.) "Go your own pace." (I think you know how fast you should go.) In one moment or another, all of these admonishments might apply to me. I might initially … Continue reading What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}