Each Individual Who {Whole Together Family 17/31}

The who is the most important part of the whole. It's not about being whole one way or another, it's about considering our who. Each one of us in this family is a different who. And each one of us has a different way of being in the world and a different way they need … Continue reading Each Individual Who {Whole Together Family 17/31}

Seasons of {Whole Together Family 16/31}

  It's been a busy two or three days, and, while I did not forget about writing yesterday, I nearly did today. But it is 9:50pm. So I have time to take a few thoughts and push them into a semblance of order. I have written about this before about seasonal wholeness, particularly in motherhood, … Continue reading Seasons of {Whole Together Family 16/31}

A Balance of Needs {Whole Together Family 11/31}

Every now and then in the past year or two I have found myself online, haphazardly browsing preschool or school school website. I look at the places I've heard of that teach something admirable or in a way that I agree with. Faith based preschools, Spanish immersion preschools, Montessori schools, classes, day camps, and various … Continue reading A Balance of Needs {Whole Together Family 11/31}

Go from here {Whole Together Family 7/31}

We are ourselves, even as we live together as a family. For each other, we make modifications, we make concessions, and we make mistakes. We learn to live as a family even as we all change and become different versions of our same selves. It's a circling of needs and becoming, taking turns, together and … Continue reading Go from here {Whole Together Family 7/31}

When we are imperfectly whole {Whole Together Family 4/31}

I've spent most of my life improving things. I am a One on the enneagram, even though often I wish I was an Eight or aspire to transform into a Five. I am a solid One. I improve, perfect, and rapidly assess situations and figure out what is wrong. I am not a technical perfectionist about as … Continue reading When we are imperfectly whole {Whole Together Family 4/31}

Us-Schooling {Whole Together Family 3/31}

If you ask me how school is going I'll probably give a friendly smile and say it's going great and they're learning everything. Just don't ask me to elaborate, because I have yet to find a pleasant and succinct way of telling curious acquaintances what we are doing for our kids' education in a reassuring … Continue reading Us-Schooling {Whole Together Family 3/31}

Whole Together Family {31 Days 2018}

"Oh, I could never do that." That's a classic response when people hear we're homeschooling/unschooling. If that's you, trust me, if you wanted to do it, you could. It'd be fine. You would find what is right for you and your family. (Maybe you actually can't and that's completely fine. God has that figured out … Continue reading Whole Together Family {31 Days 2018}


For quite a few years I have written New Year's lists full of hope and goals. Last year somehow the motivation escaped me and I made the goals as the mood struck..in May. and November. but mostly not. I had a reading goal which I surpassed because I overachieve greatly at reading when life is … Continue reading New.