Kind {Krina Ulmer for #wholemama}

By Krina Ulmer ----- Kind Kind is complicated. Kind is a command. Kind is an action. Kind is a fruit. Be kind – so familiar it rolls off the tongue and out of mind. I inundate my children with – Was that kind?  Are you being kind? Remember to be kind. Pondering this word I … Continue reading Kind {Krina Ulmer for #wholemama}

Bonded by Tradition {Inez Bayardo for #wholemama}

  By Inez Bayardo It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  A time for singing, decorating, gift-giving, celebrating and spending time with family. And for many, it’s a time of tradition. I looked up the meaning of tradition in the dictionary. Tradition is: “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation”. We … Continue reading Bonded by Tradition {Inez Bayardo for #wholemama}

Family :: Soul Calm {2/31 and FMF}

I've left my Fridays for Five Minute Friday words during this month-long series. I need to leave room for spontaneity in my life instead of relying on my formulas and to-do lists.  So here's five minutes from me on the word announced last night: -----    The calm (or lack thereof) of my outer life … Continue reading Family :: Soul Calm {2/31 and FMF}

The Halfway Point

Since it has been about half the year, I thought I'd take a couple minutes to make sure I'm still on track with my goals for this year. Fitness Run a lot! - as of wednesday afternoon I've logged 342 miles. Sounds like a lot to me :) Run a half marathon. Or two. there's … Continue reading The Halfway Point

Coast Trip: Pictures, Enneagram, ya know.

A couple weeks ago we went to the Oregon Coast for a week with my family. It's about a 9-10 hour drive from where we live. So for our sanity we made some fun stops along the way. The first leg we drove from Boise to Bend. We left our house at 10PM and the … Continue reading Coast Trip: Pictures, Enneagram, ya know.

A Visit and Another Chapter

A couple weekends ago Israel's family flew here from Alabama and Georgia. It was such a fun visit. It was a whirlwind visit, but we managed to have lots of lovely time talking and laughing, everyone stayed in our home, we visited with my family sunday, adventured in the foothills monday, and there were pictures. … Continue reading A Visit and Another Chapter

A day in my life: pretty normal here.

3 AM - we hear screaming/yelling from the other room. Ranger is awake and not happy about it. Israel goes in to try and settle him down. Nothing doing. More screaming. Israel ends up sleeping in Ranger's room. 4 AM - I'm finally back asleep after being wakeful asleep a whiile waiting to see if … Continue reading A day in my life: pretty normal here.

Well, Miss Erika, what are you up to?

I remember my grandpa asking me when I was going to start piano lessons when I was 8 or 9 years old. He probably didn't ask me all the time or even very often. But he asked just enough to spark my interest. And enough for me to remember it to this day. When I … Continue reading Well, Miss Erika, what are you up to?