Not Fearless {#Wholemama}

(I used to write in this half-poetical manner a bit more,but have lapsed in favor of full sentences. But this is where today took me and I hope you'll bear with my formatting and fragmentation, because poetry. And experimentation. And art.) ----- Fear. Fear repeats fear and never a word more. s p i r … Continue reading Not Fearless {#Wholemama}

What About Fear? {A Circuitous Route}

What do we miss when we're afraid of fear? What kind of things become possible when, instead of freezing along the way with fear, we learn to listen along beside it? Instead of not doing something because it scares you, think about why it scares you. Because fear happens. God never said we wouldn't be … Continue reading What About Fear? {A Circuitous Route}

Stay {Five Minute Friday}

There's always that niggling fear that no matter how hard we try we'll stay the same. We'll never move on to something better. We'll never be better. Our lives will never change. Recently one of my friends posted a facebook status about getting up everyday and expecting it to be different than the last. Better … Continue reading Stay {Five Minute Friday}