Birthing Hope by Rachel Marie Stone {book review}

Birthing Hope: Giving Fear to the Light by Rachel Marie Stone "God as a warrior doesn't do much for me, but I cherish the image of God as a laboring woman. The book of Isaiah joins the two images closely enough that I can imagine they share more in common than I might have suspected: … Continue reading Birthing Hope by Rachel Marie Stone {book review}

Four True Things {The Kind Side}

Here are four true things, regardless of your gender, but maybe particularly important for women. Sometimes it is easy to feel disqualified or less than as a woman in Christian places since the dominant story has, for a long time, been one where women are not to teach or preach or yadayadayadapatricarchyisbiblicalduh nonsense. But I … Continue reading Four True Things {The Kind Side}

Woman {Five Minute Friday}

Woman. That is what I am. Though I shrink to hear the way the word is sometimes used to manipulate, control, and order. I am woman. But I am also free and strong and here. I believe myself capable of many things. At times the weight of 'woman' pulls me under my capability. I should … Continue reading Woman {Five Minute Friday}