Emboldened by Tara Beth Leach {Essay Inspired by/ Book Review}

(Review copy provided by IVPress) "This is our story! We are fierce, intellectually astute women who are brilliantly made to not accept simple answers. We are wise teachers and colleagues of some of the world's most renowned and brightest scholars. We look to men as co-laborers in this great work and aren't afraid to push … Continue reading Emboldened by Tara Beth Leach {Essay Inspired by/ Book Review}

Whole-list-ical (3.13.17)

Happy Monday! We are enjoying loads of sunshine and I am using new strategy for hopefully helping my kids to fight less: sit outside with them! Ha. We will see how that goes, but it is officially spring weather here and I am happy!  Here are just a few things that have made me smile or brought … Continue reading Whole-list-ical (3.13.17)

My Favorite Memoirs from 2016

Yesterday I shared my favorite non-fiction and since I have such a penchant for non-fiction I divided out the memoirs. Here are my top four! Memoir: Night Driving: A Story of Faith in the Dark by Addie Zierman - This one got me. Addie Zierman jumps in her mini-van with her two very young kids … Continue reading My Favorite Memoirs from 2016