Next {Five Minute Friday}

Next. It's an intriguing little word that sets my mind in the future, but usually a little further in the future. I don't tend to leap to the nexts of my next moment. I tend to want to know more than that. When I was in middle school my calendar was perpetually a mess of … Continue reading Next {Five Minute Friday}

Lack {Five Minute Friday}

At any point given day I could say there are many things I lack, but at the same time I could say look at all the I have I should just be grateful. But really, maybe my lack is a little deeper than the items in my home or the way my day lines up … Continue reading Lack {Five Minute Friday}

Offer {Five Minute Friday}

You may not think you can offer much, but you can offer something. It might not be exactly what you think it should be, but maybe it is exactly what others need it to be. And maybe not. The important thing is to offer like the boy with the loaves and the fish, "This is … Continue reading Offer {Five Minute Friday}

Walk Next to Me {Five Minute Friday}

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."Galations 6:9 My mom quotes this verse a lot. Most often she quotes it in the context of raising kids and showing up for that mundane and ridiculously difficult challenge that is trying to teach your … Continue reading Walk Next to Me {Five Minute Friday}

Influence {Five Minute Friday}

Maybe more important than who we are influencing is that we consider who we are influenced by at the same time. Are our hearts being formed in Christlikeness or are we striving for what the world deems as important? Are we putting stock in fearmongering or are we weighing in with grace, hope, and lovingkindness … Continue reading Influence {Five Minute Friday}

Better {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday is five minutes of free writing on a specific word. Just for fun and practice and getting past the fear of not posting something long or perfect. Here's mine for today on the word 'better'. If I want to become a better writer this year what does that even mean? More creative? … Continue reading Better {Five Minute Friday}

Moment {FMF and Whole Together Family 21/31}

At this moment I am a little bit exhausted. I would prefer to just shut this up and go to sleep, but since I skipped yesterday I really do need to write a few words today. So that's what I'm doing. Choosing what to do in the moment is good for sometimes, but sometimes I … Continue reading Moment {FMF and Whole Together Family 21/31}

Each Individual Who {Whole Together Family 17/31}

The who is the most important part of the whole. It's not about being whole one way or another, it's about considering our who. Each one of us in this family is a different who. And each one of us has a different way of being in the world and a different way they need … Continue reading Each Individual Who {Whole Together Family 17/31}