Sarah Young: Jesus Calling {13/31 Niches}

(Screenshot from Scribd) I've only heard warnings about her. Stay away. Heresy. False teacher. But then other's have only heard praise. She wrote this little book called Jesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His Presence. Have you heard of it? Probably. Sarah Young is a listener. She listens to God. She seeks his presence. In her … Continue reading Sarah Young: Jesus Calling {13/31 Niches}

Jonathan Edwards {6/31 Niches}

New England, 1703-1758 I had Jonathan Edwards on my list because I've heard of him but I knew very little about him. And a little more about the Reformed church. And a little more about Calvinism. And a little more about New Calvinism. Oh the joyful rabbit trail that is Wikipedia... So according to my … Continue reading Jonathan Edwards {6/31 Niches}