What I’m into | Spring 2016

Well. We have been up to a lot and out and about a lot. I have been trying to take the kids hiking once a week. We've also been hitting up the zoo, the library, and nana's house about as often for some playtime for the kids and solo running time for me. It has … Continue reading What I’m into | Spring 2016

Fun Things To Do in 2016

These aren't really resolutions, and some of them aren't even goals, but some are. It's simply a list of fun, at least what I consider fun, for the new year. Because that is what New Year's Resolutions are for me: just fun. It's not that I have to do them. It's not that I need … Continue reading Fun Things To Do in 2016

10 about Ten // Five Minute Friday

I am one of ten kids. And that is honestly the first thing that comes to mind about ten. So here are ten things (hopefully! I'm racing the clock here) about being one of ten.  You learn quickly to tune things out if you want to read. I once tuned out a kitchen timer, somewhere … Continue reading 10 about Ten // Five Minute Friday

What I’m Into | Niche Edition!

Today I'm linking up with Leigh Kramer's What I'm Into crowd to highlight some of the things I've been up to this month and to share some random reading related to this my 31 days series this year! Since this is day 30! :) --- --- Related 31 Dayers: Liz at So I Married a … Continue reading What I’m Into | Niche Edition!

Addendum to the Memorandum

In an effort to update Ranger's list of nicknames I pulled together last November, here are some of the more recent additions: Muppet Munchkin Dumpkin Munch Bumpy Moose Goose Mooser Gooser Dude Moewsty (pronounced mewsty) Moosey Moosetygoose Tromple doo Moosetymoo Monkey Monkeybread ------ A lot of the old ones have been put into retirement, but … Continue reading Addendum to the Memorandum