Just a Monday & Home A Lot {a day in the life}

7:45AM - thumping in the living area announces the presence of someone. I go out to investigate. Israel has just come in from the yard, where he was sleeping in the tent last night, (because that is what outdoors adventurers do when grounded by work and toddlers too much) and is making coffee and cereal. … Continue reading  Just a Monday & Home A Lot {a day in the life}

Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden {book review}

Last year my garden was pitiful. I think it was just in drought mode. We turned off our automatic sprinklers and used an independent sprinkler with a hose instead because our system is not installed right and seems to like to throw 40-50 dollars of water a month right out the door. Soo. The sprinklers … Continue reading Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden {book review}

In My Daddy’s Garden

I stepped between the rows careful to place my feet in the furrows, the hot sun heating up my rubber boots. Pulling the weeds from our rows and rows of vegetables in our family garden was a summer ritual. And then in the fall, harvest came. Around June, we planted the corn in long rows. … Continue reading In My Daddy’s Garden

17: together

"Children don't need us to be fully available all the time, but they do our presence during connecting interactions. Being mindful as a parent means having intention in your actions. With intention, you purposefully choose your behavior with your child's emotional well-being in mind." Daniel Siegel - parenting from the inside out Today Ali decided … Continue reading 17: together

It grew!

Just a few months ago it looked like this: And this: Now it's just a bit more exciting :) My zucchini have officially taken over But the things that are producing the best so far are the cucumbers. I've already harvested 6-7 or very good sized ones. So fun. :) The beans are also doing … Continue reading It grew!

Owls, Elephants and Dinosaurs: a project’s life

I always have this loong list of projects I want to do, but this last month or so I've actually been making headway. Pretty fun. :) I took a trip to Joann's with a few projects in mind and had a particularly succesful trip. I found this cute owl this cute owl fabric and some … Continue reading Owls, Elephants and Dinosaurs: a project’s life

Monday Mayhem {another senseless list of randomness}

It's not too often you can just sit down and say "I had a really good day". Today was one of those good days. So nice. I think having a nice day yesterday with my wonderful husband helped. He didn't work at all and it was lovely! I didn't want to go to bed because … Continue reading Monday Mayhem {another senseless list of randomness}

Might regret the zucchini and other random happenings.

We got a dryer! I was without a dryer the first year and a half of our marriage. It worked. I hung clothes to dry. And for two and a baby with a huge wardrobe it was not a huge deal. We finally got one last october. it was a happy day. :) but then … Continue reading Might regret the zucchini and other random happenings.