Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden {book review}

Last year my garden was pitiful. I think it was just in drought mode. We turned off our automatic sprinklers and used an independent sprinkler with a hose instead because our system is not installed right and seems to like to throw 40-50 dollars of water a month right out the door. Soo. The sprinklers … Continue reading Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden {book review}

It grew!

Just a few months ago it looked like this: And this: Now it's just a bit more exciting :) My zucchini have officially taken over But the things that are producing the best so far are the cucumbers. I've already harvested 6-7 or very good sized ones. So fun. :) The beans are also doing … Continue reading It grew!

What I learned in July {a link-up}

It is permissible to buy clothes that fit you. I was hemming and hawing over a couple sleeveless tees from my wonderful box of hand-me-down maternity clothes trying to think of ways I could make them work. Then I realized: the colors were boring (black and white), the fit was bad, and really the only … Continue reading What I learned in July {a link-up}