Puzzles, a Car, and Responsibility. 

For his birthday, we gave Ranger a set of two puzzles -one 12 piece and one 24, both the same size - and a hotwheels car. Because toys build up distressingly quickly at this age and it is nice to keep things smaller. Mainly the messes. But in addition to his other presents we gave him … Continue reading Puzzles, a Car, and Responsibility. 


34. Trip to the aquarium. 35. Easy cheap good and yummy pizza. 36. Swimming with kiddos. They're so brave. 37. Pandora/wifi on my phone. 38. Many job options for Israel. 39. Books with insight to personality and function. 40. Warmer weather. 41. Lots of books for Christmas! 42. Coffeeeeeeeee :) 43. Notes from Kenya 44. … Continue reading Sunday’s


17. Reached 100,000 views here. 18. Fall scented candle from my Oma. 19. Munchkins growing big and strong. 20. Pumpkin spice creamer. Ahem. 21. Midweek visits from family! 22. Raking and bagging leaves with helpers who are big enough to help me! 23. Alyssum blooming away still. 24. Winter Sunsets visible from our yard. 25. … Continue reading Sunday’s

Storing Up Sunshine.

So I've been stuck in a rut of grouching and moping (because that's obviously the grown-up way to deal with life) and I want to stop. So the thankful things are starting. Each time I sit down with my ipad to blog I'm going to add a few things to my list and post it … Continue reading Storing Up Sunshine.